Ready Business Connect

Issue 02 / August 2016


The age of digitalisation is upon us. The challenge that businesses face is how to get on board without ripping and replacing their IT infrastructure. What’s required is the implementation of bi-modal IT, which allows them to continue to use their legacy IT while implementing newer technologies that integrate seamlessly. They need companies such as Vodacom to guide them on this journey and to act as a supplier of whatever they need, as a service.
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In this publication, we provide an overview of where we are as a business and the services that we’re able to provide. We’re very aware that in order to keep pace with technology, we have to be disruptive in our offering to our customers, and we’re achieving that across all channels, for businesses of all sizes and across all industries.

In any fast-digitising economy, the ability to be agile is key to business success , and we believe that Vodacom Business has incorporated agility into its DNA, enabling it to meet each customer’s unique technology demands – and at the same time enabling its customers to be agile in their own businesses. At the end of the day, it’s all about the B2B2C service configuration. At Vodacom Business, whilst our focus remains firmly on our immediate business customers, we have our end customer – which is normally an end-user or citizen – in mind as we develop solutions.

From public and private enterprises down to the SME, we’re providing access to Cloud, IoT and the technologies that makes it all happen in a secure environment. Vodacom’s built-to-last cloud infrastructure, extensive and secure MPLS networks as well as IoT assets and capabilities, help small and large businesses, and government transition into digital without the capex environment associated with such transitions. This should be good news to both CFOs and CIOs as they can steer the business to new heights without incurring capex investment, especially in an era where economies of the developing world are facing currency devaluation. Vodacom enables its customers to transition to digital without having to make too many trade-offs, this is what we call ‘transformation without sacrifice’.

In addition, we review our Africa strategy and the rollout of digitalisation across the continent, as well as the challenges and opportunities faced along the way. As a leading player in Africa, Vodacom is investing in infrastructure to provide customers across the continent with reliable connections that will enable them to grow their business.

We’re well on our way on our digitalisation journey, and can’t wait to see where it takes us next.

Sibonisiwe Dube

Ready Business Connect

Issue 01 / November 2015