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Bytesize 2013 - The essential ICT survival guide for SMEs

Bytesize 2013

In this year’s edition of Bytesize: The ICT Survival Guide for SMEs, we take a look at the issues that are critical to success for the dynamic South African SME sector, including the latest technologies, and how they can benefit the SME and help drive better business decisions.

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There can be little doubt that big data, cloud computing, BYOD and social media can be used to build a serious competitive edge. However, the majority of SMEs don’t understand how to harness the power of cloud and big data, or how to effectively use social media and BYOD to improve customer service.

Bytesize 2013 examines these issues, to better equip the SME to deal with these trends.

Security is another issue that has raised its head over the last year. It is no longer only enterprises that are dealing with advanced persistent threats on a daily basis. Any company with information is now a target, and SMEs need to protect themselves, without breaking the bank.

We dig deep into these and other topics in Bytesize 2013, which is presented for the first time in its 7-year history as a native digital publication.

Kirsten Doyle

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Bytesize 2013

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Bytesize 2013