Brainstorm May 2017 Issue: Special Focus - BCX

Ready for the next chapter

BCX is a name that's been around the industry for years, albeit unofficially. Part of the process of pulling together a publication such as this is ensuring consistency and sticking to uniform and official naming conventions. In the past, in our production stages, we've sometimes had the shortform BCX accidentally creep into articles rather than the fuller Business Connexion, and it was only in the last stage of proofreading that we picked up the inconsistency. However, now, thanks to the company's official rebrand to BCX following its acquisition by Telkom, that little part of our job has been made easier.

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Of course, the rebrand has much wider implications than the pedantries of publishing. The formalisation of the BCX brand is significant because it heralds the beginning of a new chapter. It's much more than changing the name to a shortform version and adding a snappy logo. The merging of Telkom Business and Business Connexion brought together much technical capacity and resources. And, while there may have been some slight overlap in places, the result has been a much broader and stronger ICT services offering.

The digitalisation trend is a key part of this, and ties in with the new BCX. At its core, digitalisation is about bringing together the big bet technology trends such as cloud, mobility, collaboration, IoT, big data and the wide-reaching security aspect. And the same can be said for the new BCX – that it too brings together these technology components, as both of its former founders had focused on these areas to varying degree. Combined the new BCX is now well positioned to bring the necessary technology components to the mix to assist its clients with rising to meet the digitalisation challenge.

A core element of digitalisation is the importance of the customer and the customer experience, and this customer focus has been placed at the centre of the new BCX.

As a part of the Telkom group, the company has also taken the opportunity to move to a new head office. The new building has been designed with the digital workforce and modern management approaches in mind. By adopting these technologies and business philosophies, it makes sure the company is living what it's selling. And that also works well in reaching out to appeal to millennials, who will increasingly be both customers and employees as time moves on.

In these pages, we find out from many of BCX' key executives how the company is positioned and how it hopes to continue being a key name in the industry for years to come.

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Adrian Hinchcliffe

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