CIO Directory 2019

One of the highlights of the year at IT Web is the publication of the CIO Directory.
As you will notice, the publication is growing exponentially in size and profiles featured and our Africa section has increased.

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Another significant milestone this year is that this is our 10th edition! This year, we wanted to know what technology focus areas are being prioritised by CIOs, and what the biggest issues are affecting specific sectors.

Do all sectors have the same areas of concern? Are they all different? Are there similarities affecting different sectors? What about in countries north of our borders?

Cyber security is a key focus, as is the cloud. Another big issue is a lack of qualified IT skills necessary for the ICT sector.

AI, IoT, big data and analytics, business intelligence and machine learning are also factors impacting the industry, along with blockchain, low-cost networks and robotics.

One question we asked this year is: ‘What is digitalisation?’ Keeping pace with changes in the digital world can drive any sane executive mad.

Having a CIO who is in touch with what is happening in this area, and who can guide the organisation regarding technology innovation can give you a competitive edge. It is certainly true that without a CIO, your organisation won’t survive, let alone thrive…It’s great touching base with CIOs previously featured and tracking their progress from last year, while new profiles make for fascinating reading.

Many CIOs have taken the time to be part of this publication. This cements the relevance of the CIO Directory in the IT industry.

Its importance to the industry not only in South Africa, but also in the rest of Africa, is growing and for me, it’s great being part of this wonderful project.It’s a great team that makes this directory possible.

I would like to thank the following for making this project a reality: Adrian Hinchcliffe, Patricia Czakan, Caryn Berman, Sindiso, Khupe, Achante Swanepoel, Diana Gamba, Lizzie Mangwiro, Nadia Calore, Carmel Singh, Moréna Gaud and you, the CIO.

Happy reading!


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