CIO Directory 2018

The role of the CIO is evolving. With the Fourth Industrial Revolution on our doorstep, the CIO is taking on a more prominent role, and should be viewed as an integral part of every organisation.

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It’s critical the CIO has a prime seat on the C Suite. Who else is more qualified to guide an organisation into the next business era? One of the key trends coming out of this year’s directory is that CIOs are becoming more entrenched in the actual business enterprise as opposed to simply driving technology.

Don’t be surprised when the next generation of CEOs emanate from the realms of the CIO, as opposed to that of the CFO.

CIOs play a critical role in lowering the cost of doing business, through more efficient IT processes, ensuring key cyber security elements are in place, and controlling how data is protected and utilised.

Data is the key driver for every business and organisation. If you don’t know how to utilise data efficiently and effectively, your operation will suffer, irrespective of whether you’re generating profits or simply providing services. PoPI and the GDPR are as a result of wanting to protect data.

It’s no wonder so-called disruptive companies, with no physical assets, are growing in the new economy. Uber, Airbnb and Spotify are examples of how companies, through the clever use of big data, can expand around the world.

The CIO is becoming the critical factor in ensuring businesses keep their doors open. They’re responsible for taking the business into the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Without them, businesses will flounder, be open to threats from cyber crime and, ultimately, face financial ruin.

CIOs are leading, transforming, and taking on more vital roles. Without a strategic digital transformation programme in place, the long-term sustainability of every organisation will be under threat.

My final comment is a note of thanks and recognition to the team that has worked tirelessly on making this ninth edition of the CIO Directory a reality, particularly Norma, Patricia, Sindiso, Caryn, and Adrian. Indeed, there are many other people to recognise, from the writers who work with the CIOs to get the profiles prepared, to our sales team who reach out to the ICT industry to support this initiative, and the production team who give this book the quality we are so proud of. Thank you all.

I hope you, our readers, find this publication insightful and interesting.

Happy reading!


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